The Water-Shy Swimmer (tm)

By Ginger Babin

Personal Background

Ginger Babin is a former Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI), having taught swimming for nineteen
years and Lifesaving off and on over the same period. During the last eight of those years she
specialized in teaching those who were traumatically fearful of water. It was this latter group of pupils
who urged her to write The Water-Shy Swimmer " others can benefit from your methods," they
exclaimed. Of those pupils who regularly attended her classes 100% overcame unreasonable fear
of water and learned to swim at least 25 yards (distance depending on age and physical condition).


Ginger received a Master of Science degree in Special Education (emphasis on Emotionally Disturbed)
in 1984, and Bachelor of Science degree in Educational P.E. in 1979. Both degrees from
Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. She also taught in the Oregon Public School
System over a period of sixteen years.


The Home Pool

Chapter One: Getting Started