Twelve-A~Front to Back
The Home Pool


Turning From Back to Front

After you learn how to turn from a prone float and/or the Front Crawl onto your back you are ready for the back to front turn. Regardless of whether you are using any type of back swim stroke or supine float, this move is basically the same maneuver. In all cases, you will momentarily float, swing one arm across your chest while crossing the same-side leg over the other into the direction of the turn. The following progressions will help you accomplish the turn easily and with little or no problems.

IMPORTANT: As with the Front to Back turn it's EXTREMELY necessary to avoid lifting the head up or bending forward at the waist. In either case it will stop the turn. As you've learned from other chapters, lifting the head and/or bending forward from a float brings you to a standing position.

See illustration below for progressions.

1--Push off on back in shallow water.

2--Maintain a good back float for at least five seconds.

3--Turn head toward turning side. DO NOT LIFT UP HEAD. Simply roll head toward side.

4--As head turns to side bring opposite arm from turn across chest in direction of turn and opposite leg from turn over the other leg.

5--Without bending at waist and head in the water, "roll" body toward turn.

6--Turn completely over with head down.

7--Have both arms and hands pointing above head while floating face down.

8--Float to pool side with a good kick.

9--Practice One through Eight until mastered.

After attaining a smooth turnover from back to front several times and kicking to side, continue with following progressions:

Turn from back to the Front Crawl stroke.

10-Push off with back float. Hold float at least five seconds.

11-Turn from back to front. Float at least three seconds with arms above head.

12-Begin kick.

13-Add the arm stroke.

14-Turn head and take a breath on second or third full stroke.

15-Swim Front Crawl to side.

16-Practice swimming back to front turns and swimming the Front Crawl to side in shallow water until mastered.

17-Alternate between front to back and back to front until done smoothly and with ease,



Chapter Thirteen~The Back Crawl
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