Do You Want to Learn to Swim But never Thought You Could?

Are You Traumatized by large Bodies of Water? OR Are You a Swim Teacher Who Dreads Teaching Pupils Who Are Fearful?

If You Answered Yes to Any of the Above, Then This is the Site For You !

If You Think You Will Sink Like the Titanic

and Any Attempt to Swim Would be Just as Disastrous, You Need to Read THE WATER-SHY (tm) SWIMMER

The Water-Shy Swimmer is a comprehensive How-To manual for teens, adults and those who teach them, written by an experienced swimming instructor as a public service.


THE AUTHOR (Click on picture for background}

Chapter One~~~~~Getting Started
Chapter Two~~~~~Water-Shy People
Chapter Three~~~~At The Pool
Chapter Three A~~Learning the Tasks
Chapter Three B~~The Water-Shy Class~Instructor
Chapter Three C~~Stationary Float~Instructor
Chapter Four ~~~~Stationary Float~Individual
Chapter Four A~~~Free Float/Recovery~Instructor
Chapter Five~~~~~Emotions and Trauma
Chapter Five A~~~Birdie Hop~Individual
Chapterr Five B~~Free Float, Instructor
Chapter Six~~~~~~Drowning Prevention
Chapter Six A~~~~Free Float, Individual
Chapter Six B~~~~The Arm Stroke~Instructor
Chapter Seven~~~~The Yoga Concept
Chapter Seven A~~The Arm Stroke~Individual
Chapter Seven B~~Breathing~~Instructor
Chapter Seven C~~R.C. Breathing Drill~Instructor
Chapter Eight~~~~ How and Why We Float
Chapter Eight A~~~One Perfect Breath~Individual
Chapter Eight B~~~R.C. Breathing Drill~Individual
Chapter Eight C~~~RC Breathing Drill~Individual
Chapter Nine~~~~~Controlling Panic / Floats
Chapter Nine A~~~~Front Crawl Laps~Instructor
Chapter Nine B~~~~Floats, Breathing Review~Individual
Chapter Nine C~~~~Front Crawl~Individual
Chapter Ten~~~~~~Treading Water~Instr./Indiv.
Chapter Ten-A~~~~Treading Water~Indiv./Illustrations
Chapter Eleven~~~~Safe Areas/Elementary Backstroke
Chapter Eleven-A~~Elementary Backstroke
Chapter Eleven-B~~Full Elementary Backstroke
Chapter Twelve~~~~Types/Kinds of Exercise
Chapter Twelve-A~~Turning Over
Chapter Twelve-B~~Back to Front
Chapter Thirteen~~The Back Crawl (Backstroke)
Chapter Fourteen~~The Inverted Breast-Stroke
Chapter Fifteen~~~The Breast-Stroke
Chapter Sixteen~~~The Sidestroke

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